A World Without Money – Interesting, But Something Must Replace It

At some point in the future, probably at some point in the next 50-years, none of us will be using physical money; paper currency or coin. I think we all see the writing on the wall when it comes to this. Now then, let’s take it a step further and say; there will be many countries, cultures, and societies that give up the use of money, even digital or electronic money all together. Let’s discuss this think tank topic for a moment.

While it is true that a world without money may be more efficient, most other models show it to be less efficient (so far). Some say “Money is the Root of All Evil” and they say humans wouldn’t have so many wars, or stealing and thievery if money did not exist – but is that so? Indeed, stealing is inherent in all species. Mammals steal and eat eggs, predators steal babies of other species to eat, birds steal each-others food. If people “own” things that others need they will take it. Organisms do the least to get the most (while conserving energy), viruses hijack cells, bacteria feeds off host, that’s how life works. And ethical debates aside, along with risk-reward, selfishness vs. advantages of the herd – there are reasons for all of it, and those roots go back to the building blocks of life itself.

Without money there will still be wars, poverty (if everything is equal, everyone is poor, no incentive for abundance or efficiency). There would still be disease, but if we allow capitalism and abundance to give us the cognitive surplus, we can surely defeat disease within the human body with focused research. Likewise we will be able to predict and control the weather – order rain for an agricultural region next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 PM for instance. Many of the things we care about we can fix.

If we get rid of money what about the financial sector; banks, etc. will all those jobs disappear? Well, jobs in banking, insurance, financial planning, will all be eliminated soon with AI, they are as good as gone. Did you also want to give rewards to people who work out, use their brains, learn new things, solve problems, mentor, teach, or run the civilization, it used to take 30% of the people to run the civilization; trash, police, fire, etc. today, only 4% of the people – so what does everyone else do? Frolic around like an episode of Star Trek? Please consider all this.

Why City Governments Need Autonomous Snow Plows And Other Vehicles

Operating Snow Plows is hard work, it’s cold, dangerous, and demanding mentally too. Many cities cannot afford to keep the streets free from snow and ice, as the cost of labor and overtime is so high, not to mention the issues with injuries, disability, health care and pensions. The equipment isn’t cheap, but labor is the big cost, that the road salt, or de-ice materials. Let’s talk about the future of autonomous transportation. Currently, most autonomous vehicle systems have a tough time in inclement weather knowing where the road actually is, thus, the sensors tend to give back poor information causing a system to purposefully shut down, stop, or go off the road way – not good.

Yes, but also realize that these systems are getting better and soon “rain or shine” an autonomous postal service vehicle will deliver your mail, take your kids to school in a self-driving school bus, and plow the snow from the roadways. The cost savings to cities, counties, government agencies and quasi-government agencies, like the postal service, as well as utility companies will all be using autonomous transportation technologies. Some say this will cost us jobs, but in the case of snow plows, not plowing the roads or putting out road salt will cost lives – maybe a loved one might lose their life in an accident.

Now then, while you process that last thought, let’s talk about why we must do this. You see, some cities, counties and state governments have a terrible legacy cost problem – I am referring to those retirement and pension, and health care benefits of people who used to be employed there but have now retired. Sometimes those costs consumer upwards of 40% of these agencies’ budgets – think about that – when these agencies collect tax revenues, 40% is already spent, but no productivity is coming from that money in future services – meaning these agencies are operating on only 60% of their tax revenues.

So, either they have to raise taxes or they have to cut costs, perhaps a little of both. Autonomous work vehicles doing human labor can solve that cost problem without raising taxes. Employees currently working can be re-assigned jobs and those agencies can have a hiring freeze and allow the ranks of government employees to decrease through attrition and yet, still have the money to fund those legacy costs, remember people are living longer and an employee that started drawing on their pensions at 60 may live to be 100-years and thus, collecting money for more years than they may have worked. Think on this solution for our robotic future.

Any Thoughts On Transhumanism, Robotic Parts Or Genetic Manipulation For Off World Colonies?

Are humans about to take full control of their own evolution? Yes, in fact, I would submit to you that it is already happening – consider prosthesis, embedded electronics, brain enhancement drugs, stem cell therapy, and the incredible amount of research money being spent on transhumanism. A few years ago, we had a comprehensive dialogue on this topic and it was amazing who obvious these trends were to us after we concluded these discussions. Let me explain.

First, one of our think tankers stated; “I’ll start with trans-humanism, I love that word. I believe our evolution will be through this technology. I am one of the few who believe that it is OK to have electronics put into our bodies.”

Yes, as long as we remember that the resonance (frequency) of the devices will affect the optimal resonance of the localized cells, and each type of cell in the body has a particular optimal range. This is a theory of mine and so with regards to embedded devices, we need to be careful not to cause problems too, but I am not a conspiracy theorist, we need to do what works best.

Indeed, I also believe that tools plus human biosystem integration will give us the best of all worlds, better than biology and better than computers, a boost if you will, just like an AI chess champion system cannot beat a human working together with another AI chess champion system. Nor can a human beat the combo either. Just like IBM Watson was able to dazzle us, but let’s not forget that it was the humans choosing the questions in the first place. Sometimes the questions, queries, or stimulus is more important than the highly sophisticated autonomous system.

Why have an autonomous car if it really doesn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do? Now then, where can a modified trans-human go? That is to say a biologically modified or enhanced version of a human? Well, they could go to other planets that have different gravity, atmospheric density, radiation exposure, food supplies, and the modified human with a human brain could survive and thrive. What difference does it really make what vehicle the brain is in, as long as it has similar sensory input and all the nutrients it needs to think, and live? See that point.

Why send a fragile human to an environment so hostile to its genetic makeup when you can make a perfectly suited human species spin-off that is exactly adapted to live and thrive there? Think on this – it is the future of space traveling humans.